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Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference
Approved May 25th, 2019

The mission of the Association is to guide, support and motivate all Dental Assistants.


  1. To represent the members of the Nova Scotia Dental Assistants Association. (NSDAA)
  2. To provide access to and promote continuing education programs for the members.
  3. To remain non-profit and to ensure all funds collected are returned to the membership for the benefit and advancement of Dental Assistants.
  4. To promote the career of Dental Assisting to the dental profession, the community, government agencies and associated institutions.
  5. To encourage active participation by providing members the opportunity to attend local, provincial and national meetings.
  6. To represent ourselves with professionalism, create good fellowship and unity.
  7. To ensure the Association reaches out to Dental Assisting Students with information to encourage active participation at our meetings.


Voting Members:

  1. There shall be two (2) categories in the Association.
    1. Voting Member:
      1. Active member: a registered dental assistant who has paid the applicable dues to the NSDAA.
      2. Honorary Member: active member who has rendered valuable service to the NSDAA and otherwise made an outstanding contribution to the Association shall be eligible for honorary membership. To qualify as an honorary member, a member must be elected by a two thirds (2/3) majority of the NSDAA Directors. Honorary members shall not be required to pay NSDAA membership dues and shall enjoy all privileges of membership in NSDAA.
    2. Non Voting Member:
      1. Student member: any person enrolled in an accredited dental assisting educational program and who has paid the dues of the Association.
      2. Supporting Member: any person having an interest in the wellbeing of the Association and wishes to support the objectives of the Association. Supporting members do not qualify for active membership.